Benefits of Building Earthquake Resistant -Ajnara Belvedere

With an increasing number of earthquakes having occurred in the northern parts of India, a number of construction houses in the Delhi NCR region are adopting earthquake resistant technologies while building home. Projects such as the Ajnara Belvedere Sports City complex, too have adopted these methods to ensure resident safety.

Here are a few key advantages of building an earthquake resistant building –

  • Over all, it has been found that these structures optimize comfort, energy efficiency and quietness within homes.
  • Furthermore, it has also been found that owners of homes in such projects such as Ajnara Homes Noida are able to extend the overall worth of their homes in case it has been purchased as an investment. These homes tend to be assessed at higher values that those that are built using conventional technologies.
  • It has been found in a number of developed and developing nations, that buildings that were engineering using concrete components and earth quake resistant methodologies primarily remained undamaged even during quakes registering at 8.0 magnitudes on the Richter scale.
  • It has been found that buildings that are built using this technology come with walls that offer 6 times the load resistance of framed wall constructions in spite of being only lightly reinforced.

Depending on the seismic standards set by the construction authorities in your area, projects such as the Ajnara The Belvedere complex in Noida, conforms to its requirements. By ensuring comprehensive safety for yourself and your family in times of natural disasters, you can make sure that you do not experience any unwanted damage to life as well as property.